By Frank W. Lacroix, Irving N. Blickstein Frank W. Lacroix, RAND

Are the issues inthe destiny whilst the U.S. military would get advantages from a metamorphosis in path?

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Decatur's Bold and Daring Act - The Philadelphia in Tripoli 1804 (Raid)

Hortatio Nelson, himself considered one of naval history's boldest actors, referred to as the burning of the frigate Philadelphia via the U.S. army in 1804 "the such a lot daring and bold act of the age. " it really is one of many vintage examples of a naval raid, a cutting-out motion meant to deprive the enemy of a boat.

Deep Sea Hunters: RAF Coastal Command and the War Against the U-Boats and the German Navy, 1939-1945

This captivating generation from Martin Bowman information all of the diversified and dynamic operations at sea conducted through RAF Coastal Command opposed to the U-boats and the German military throughout the moment international struggle. starting with the disastrous Norwegian crusade, it takes within the a variety of assaults at the bustling German submarine base at Lorient, the assault on Brest, in addition to many different pivotal and noteworthy occasions to brighten up the historical past of the sea-lanes throughout the moment international struggle.

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1957 (November 6): Secretary of the Navy requests CNO to accelerate Regulus II; CNO demurs. 1957: Decision to insert missile compartment into Scorpion. 1957: Keel laid, USS George Washington. 1958 (December): Regulus II cruise missile program terminated to free funding for the Polaris program. 1959 (December 30): USS George Washington commissioned. 1960: First Polaris missile launched successfully. 42 APPENDIX C: FORKS IDENTIFIED DURING INTERVIEWS BASING 1. Joint basing forward and then to the littoral in crises.

As it applies to the joint aviation platform, the Next-Generation Destroyer (DD [X]), and the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). As the cost and longevity of platforms increase, designing them in a modular fashion becomes more important to more readily accept missions that will arise in the future— missions not even on the drawing board today. 11. Follow-On to Trident. Our strategic force of 14 Trident submarines has a projected life of 42 years. Therefore, some of these ships will reach the end of their service lives in the next 15 years, and it is time to begin thinking about their 24 replacement.

Operations Recognizing That the Navy Supports All Services. The operational Navy supports all services—that is, beyond the USMC, in such missions as sea basing. The Operational Navy’s Role in Homeland Defense. S. mainland. 28 Platforms Sea Basing. S. Army, USAF, and the Department of Homeland Security. Follow-On to Trident. This is a result of the upcoming Nuclear Posture Review. Transitioning the Aircraft Carrier to a Joint Aviation Platform. This will occur in a manner similar to the UK concept and involve multiple service/SOF support, UAVs, etc.

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