By C. S. Forester

Pressured to give up his send, the Sutherland, after an extended and bloody conflict, Captain Horatio Hornblower now bides his time as a prisoner in a French castle. inside of days he and his first lieutenant, Bush, who used to be crippled within the final struggle, are to be taken to Paris to be attempted on trumped-up fees of violating the legislation of warfare, and most likely completed as a part of Napoleon's try and rally the warweary empire in the back of him. no matter if Hornblower escapes this destiny and someway unearths his as far back as England, he'll face court-martial for his quit of a British send. As fears for his lifestyles and his attractiveness compete in his brain with concerns approximately his pregnant spouse and his in all likelihood widowed lover, the indomitable captain imetierntly awaits the opportunity to make his subsequent movement.

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No less than eighteen escort carriers under Rear Admiral Thomas L. Sprague in three groups stood just outside Leyte Gulf off Samar to provide the close air support required. Effective in this role, Sprague’s ships were nonetheless too slow, its aircraft too few, its screen too weak to be asked to defend itself or the beachhead against a major Japanese fleet or carrier attack. Nor was it expected to do so. That task fell to Admiral Halsey’s Third Fleet and its crack Task Force 38, whose carrier groups under Rear Admiral Marc A.

Finally, at 2340 Shima canceled his plans to sortie in the morning. For now he had to wait. At Manila, Mikawa had not stopped pitching for Shima to enter battle. He strongly agreed 2YB would be better employed in the Sho-1 operation and had simply been advising Shima to “stay put” until he could get the counter-landing orders overturned. Overhearing the latest traffic at 2137 October 20, Mikawa’s chief of staff sent an opinion to Imperial General HQ, Navy Section, that Shima would have liked to hear: “Southern Army has requested transport of 68th Brigade in Formosa for counter-landing operations by 2YB.

A dedicated officer, averse to shore duty, Nishimura returned to sea as soon as possible. He felt the most useful experience was gained there. Nishimura later would derisively remark about “armchair strategists” at naval headquarters. ” Nishimura was one of those who had never served— and never desired to—in a shore position and particularly at the Aka Renga (red brick) of the Naval Ministry. 5 “Bah. ” · 31 Nishimura was quite familiar with the present 1944 destination, the Philippines. On November 1, 1941, Nishimura had become commander Desron 4 and was promoted to rear admiral fifteen days later.

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